Mary is a travel loving wife, mother and grandmother of the best grandsons ever! My favorite pastimes include sewing, traveling and enjoying time with my two grandsons – not necessarily in that order! My favorite type of travel is cruising. What better way to see the world than unpacking once, being waited on hand and foot, enjoying great food, music, shows and wonderful views! Cruising allows a chance to visit several countries during the same trip. I want to help others experience memories like I have. Some of you may choose cruising; others may want to lay on a beach in the Caribbean or Mexico; others may want to visit Europe or even stay in the United States. Whatever your dream vacation destination might be, I will help you get there within your budget. I can’t wait to help you make memories!
  • Where did you travel?: Los Angles, Anaheim, San Diego
    How satisfied were you/Travel agent: Satisfied
    How satisfied were you/Flights: Satisfied
    How satisfied were you/Transfers:
    How satisfied were you/Hotel: Satisfied
    How satisfied were you/Excursions: Satisfied
    How satisfied were you/Overall Vacation: Satisfied
    Overall Satisfaction: 5
    How satisfied were you/Timeliness: Very Satisfied
    How satisfied were you/Friendliness: Very Satisfied
    How satisfied were you/Knowledge-ability: Very Satisfied
    Overall Satisfaction: 5
    Date of arrival to destination: 07/26/2017

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